Ep 23: On cultivating balance, intention and joy every day

Joo - Balance
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“I can choose what happy means to me at any given point in time.”

Balance, intention, silence and slowing down. How do these actions help us on the path to cultivating happiness every day? 

In this episode, we talk to one of our wonderful teachers, Joo Teoh, about redefining and taking responsibility for our happiness. 

Joo has been through some big life upheavals, both good and bad, but has managed to retain a real sense of joy and equanimity. He offers his own tips for when you are going through your own changes to keep your head above water. Learn more about consciously stepping away from stress triggers, finding space and being comfortable with slowing down. 

In this episode you will find out about…

The importance of food (6:50)
  • Why should you undertake a bit of a ‘life overhaul’ and how? 
  • The importance of consciously stepping away from stress.
  • The steps you can take towards eating with intention.
  • Why should we learn about where our food comes from? 
Defining Happiness (16:20)
  • Happiness is often seen as a destination – can our definition of happiness change? 
  • What is ‘the gap’? 
  • The importance of having an intention before an interaction.
  • What is your face doing right now? 
Reactions and consciousness (24:00)
  • The importance of catching your reactions.
  • The benefit of silent mornings and framing your day.
  • Why you should scrap your to-do list! 
  • The yin and yang balance.
Physical practices and tools (35:35)
  • Why you should skip the multitasking
  • Why redefining happiness is important when physical practices become challenging.
  • How to rest, even when you find it hard! 
  • Does savasana make us happier? 
  • Find your mantras! 
  • What is tonglen? (Find the book here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tonglen-Pema-Chödrön/dp/3924195730)
  • The importance of practicing for what’s coming.
Happiness tips (55:20)
  • Joo’s beautiful ideas for cultivating happiness every day.
  • The importance of nature, curiosity, connection and awareness.
  • How to take responsibility for your own happiness.

“Be kind to yourself when you don’t succeed”

Do you want to explore Joo’s classes? Check out all our classes for FREE for 14 days here: https://movementformodernlife.com/chooseplan

Find out more about Joo’s retreat space here: https://www.la-scellerie.com


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