Making Lasting Changes in Your Food Choices


If you’ve been reading the Plant Powered series from Lorna then you’ll be armed with lots of helpful ways to make changes, get energised and feel well. In this lesson, she shares ways to keep up the good work. If you haven’t read the rest of the series yet, we encourage you to go back and get inspired.

4 Beliefs That Are Preventing You From Making Lasting Changes  

Our beliefs are like directions from our subconscious.  

They tell us what we’re capable of, which is all well and good when you believe in yourself.  But what if you don’t and your beliefs are trying to keep you small and safe and in your comfort zone. These beliefs or thoughts become your limiting beliefs.  

People often ask me how I was able to make so many changes in my life while working a demanding corporate job, raising 3 kids and attending college. People are amazed when I said it really wasn’t that difficult.  

The reason is simple – I wanted it.  This is the secret to making lasting change: you have to want it.  

Your beliefs need to back you up, then comes action.  When your desires, beliefs and actions are all in alignment, there is nothing you can’t achieve.    

Let’s explore the top five limiting beliefs that I hear my clients say over and over.  

Limiting belief #1: My family and friends are resistant to eating healthy

The journey to better health can often create resistance amongst loved ones, especially when it comes to food.  Sometimes this resistance is about their vulnerabilities, but other times it’s just because healthy food has a bad reputation.

People hear “healthy,” and they think, yuck.  But the days of having to choose between delicious and healthy are over.  The truth is, you need to do this for you.  It’s your time to step up and take care of yourself regardless of anyone else.  

Then an interesting thing happens, when you lead by example your loved ones see the change in you.  They see your joy.  They see your glow.  And you just might find them asking how they can get a little bit of that too.  

Limiting belief #2: I’m too busy

Many of you are busy professionals, globetrotters, caregivers for your parents, your children or both.  Whatever the case, there are lots of demands on all of us.   The truth is, we all have the same number of hours in a day.  And it’s your job to choose how to use them.

I sometimes find myself apologetically saying to people ‘I just don’t have the time’.  But the truth is I make time for the things that I want to do, the things that I believe are important, which means other things don’t get done, but less important things.  

So, make your boundaries and stop over-committing to friends, family and colleagues. Don’t be afraid to say no.  

Then ask yourself, are you watching too much TV or surfing the internet for hours?  Can you wake up a little earlier and get to bed sooner?  Can you ask for help when you need it?    

If you let the excuse of not having enough time stand in your way, a year from now you could be in the exact same place you are today or worse.  

Limiting belief #3: But will I meet all my nutritional needs on a plant-based diet

This is a great question and ironically one that most people only ask when confronted with a healthy eating plan! There’s a lot of misinformation out there, the first one is about protein.  The truth is the plant kingdom is full of protein rich foods.  

Protein is abundant in vegetables, beans, grains, seeds and nuts. As long as you’re eating well balanced meals like the ones you have downloaded in this series of lessons, you’ll get everything you need.  

To further assess the nutritional value of your food you need what I call the ‘Grade Your Food’ chart. Here I have graded the most common foods from A to F, guiding you in taking a step by step approach to moving to higher quality foods.  Click here to download it.      

Another common myth is about calcium.  

Most people believe that cow’s milk is the only source of calcium. But did you know that leafy greens like cabbage, kale and collards contain a huge amount of calcium.  

Think of elephants and other powerful animals that rely solely on plant foods for complete nutrition. If they can do it, we can certainly add more veggies to our plate.  When you do, you’ll also be getting a huge dose of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals.   

Limiting belief #4: Fear of failure

Sometimes the biggest obstacle standing in your way is YOU and your fear of failure. You may feel overwhelmed with your health goals.  But do not overthink this or let your past control your future.  

You must believe that you are capable of anything you put your mind to.  

You only need to take one small step in the right direction.  You don’t need all the answers today.  You just need the willingness to try.

The ‘Grade Your Food’ chart will make this step by step approach easier.  It makes going from what I call F grade foods to A grade foods less daunting and instead gets you focused on your progress.  Click here to download it.     

Let’s finish The Plant Powered Approach to Total Wellness series by reminding you that the energy and health you’re seeking is already inside of you.  

You just need to unleash it. I know you’ll begin to see results when you start implementing the practices I shared in this series.  I’d love to know how you get on, you know where to find me, see my bio below.


Lorna’s journey to plant-based eating was fuelled by both her personal health challenges as well as family illnesses. It kickstarted 5 years of study in plant-based nutritional therapy, iridology, living foods, and herbology — and hundreds of hours counselling patients through transformations via diet, alone. Now, she’s making it her life’s mission to help others discover and excel on their own journey to more mindful nutrition.  Sign up for her free course to learn more about plant based eating.



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