Making Mistakes and Moving On



This week we had mistakes on our mind. This arose because last week we shared Mimi’s morning practice, a beautiful class which was based on what she actually might practice in the morning.

We shared Mimi’s blog post which was on centering, grounding and letting go.

So you may have wondered what the connection was between the blog post and the morning class. The answer? There wasn’t one. With our move, it has been a time at Movement for Modern Life for disruption, change and making a lot of movement without very much grounding. Which leads to mistakes. So we released the morning class on the day we were meant to be releasing the Grounding, Centering and Letting Go Link class. We are sorry about that.

And then the question is, apart from Mimi querying if we were all feeling alright, what happens in life when things don’t go right, when there are problems and mistakes. The first thing which we do, as conscious website owners and human beings traveling through life in the most conscious way as possible, is recognise that our mistake has been made and apologise. We recognise it.

We encourage you to look back on Mimi’s blog from last week before you watch her Grounding, Centering and Letting Go class. In fact, if we had taken some of her advice from the class, we would have seen that Mimi advises that ‘there are times when we are knocked off centre, caused to lose balance’ and she gives some qi-gong techniques for clearing these out to go back to a position of balance, where mistakes may not be made.

But then another brilliant point is made on the subject of perfection. Mimi asks us to let go of comparisons, of expectations. She quotes from the Bhagavad Gita, a mighty fine read and yogic text which says that we should just “No action is perfect, every action is imperfect, just do the best you can” (good or bad!). So this is exactly what we are doing. We are recognising that no action is perfect, every action slightly imperfect (I know, some more than others) and we should just do the best we can.

Or as the Tao Te Ching says:

“Do your work, then step back, the only path to serenity”

As we are at Movement for Modern Life. We embrace or own imperfections and hope that you will too.


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