Meet Ava Riby-Williams

Meet Ava Riby-Williams

Meet Ava Riby-Williams, one of MFML’s new teachers. We caught up with Ava to find out what inspires her, how she winds down and why moving makes her feel better.

We asked Ava Riby-Williams to tell us what she teaches

Yoga, meditation and creative movement.

What brought you to this practice?

I started practising yoga about 11 years ago. I was at uni at the time and exchanging my time cleaning the yoga studio for classes. My practise started off as a way for me to keep my body fit, as I was training to be a performer and doing a lot of dance at the time. I guess you could say that the reasons that I started the practise were purely physical.

I soon realised that the reason yoga was making me feel so good wasn’t purely physical. There was something energetic, and more subtle involved. At the time, those initial asana classes that I was taking were the only act of self care that I was giving to myself. I wasn’t even properly nourishing myself with real food at the time to be honest! So giving myself that time to practise every few days helped me to build more of a relationship of trust and nurture with myself. It was the start of a lot of other development which followed. 

Why do you teach?

I want to help people (myself included) to live more fully “in their bodies” in a way that enhances and expands our experience of life. This practise is an access point to truth. 

What motivates you?

Self enquiry, creativity and a vision of the new world: full of collaboration, understanding, revolution, love and freedom. It is also a firm view of mine that the purpose of freedom is to share it with someone else. Without purpose, freedom hardly matters. I am motivated by the prospect of sharing the freedom that I experience with other people.

“The function of freedom is to free someone else.” 

Toni Morrison
What is your favourite way to unwind?

MAKING FOOD! Cooking for friends and exploring new cuisines. I also love perfecting ancestral dishes- my grandma’s Gujarati recipes, and Jollof rice in particular. Also singing and playing the piano

Recommend your favourite books ( 1 – 3 titles)

Don’t touch my hair- Emma Dabiri

White Teeth- Zadie Smith

Akala- Natives

Which daily practice would make us feel better?

Meditation. This could lead the way to the practice of truly listening and living in presence. Either that or freestyle dancing and shaking about.

Beach or Mountain:

Both. I love the ocean. It leads me into deep contemplation about connectedness and consciousness. I also love swimming and sun bathing. Love climbing mountains too: I respect the physical and mental challenge.

Cat or Dog:

Dogs! Love watching them play and be silly in the park

Rural or Urban:

Gotta say urban! Even though it stresses me out sometimes, it’s where I’ve lived most of my life.

Sunrise or Sunset:

Sunrise. Love the vata energy of early mornings. Anything feels possible (if you can manage to get up).

Spring or Autumn:


Which is your favourite food?

Dhal and rice. Hands down.

More about Ava Riby-Williams:

Ava Riby-Williams is a creative and intuitive teacher, facilitator and artist who sparks curiosity and play. Her eclectic teaching focuses on finding presence in the moment, empowering students to become their own inner teachers and recognising ourselves as diverse divinity, in unity. you’ve been inspired by Ava’s soulful answers and want to know more, why don’t you take a look at her website or even better, visit the teachers page and practice with her.


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