Meet Carlene Bogues

Meet Carlene Bogues

Meet Carlene Bogues. Carlene is a nurturing teacher whose classes reflect her commitment to yoga as a way of life. Read on to find out what brought Carlene to yoga and how she finds inspiration.

What do you teach and why?

This is always a questions that I have struggled with as it puts us into boxes. My foundation teaching of yoga is yin/yang and Hatha, however I teach movement, whatever brings any student to more connection and awareness to themselves. Over time I have built in teaching meditation, Qi Gong and Vinyasa Flow.

What brought you to this practice?

I signed up for a 10 day pass at a Bikram yoga studio initially thinking I would sweat and lose weight! after the 10 day pass it moved into so much more and then my journey of yoga began. As Pattabhi Jois says ‘practice and all is coming.’ I began to feel more alive in my body in my whole sense of being. This lead my curiosity to explore more into the physical and other benefits of the practice.

Why do you teach?

I began to practice yoga more regularly up to 4 times a week and I thought this is too good not to share with the world; it was like I was just given a book of knowledge and why hold it and keep it all in to oneself? I would love to share it so my path to teaching began!

What motivates you?

What motivates me is seeing students come in one way and come out totally deterrent to when they arrived! Somehow they have become more alive within themselves and I love to see the subtle shifts.

What is your favourite way to unwind?

Disconnect from the TV and phone and read a fiction book or do some restorative poses. Connect with family and friends nowadays on facetime or whatsapp lol!!

Which living teachers / thinkers most inspire you and why?

This was a hard one as my two main teachers for me are no longer here- my mother and Maya Angelou who are no longer in this earthly experience.

At this moment it would be Mimi Kuo Deemer, Naomi Absalom and Meghan Curie. They embody the teachings and a genuine path of yoga. they are open, honest and a sense of humility as they admit they are human and have their path that they are working on it is inspiring to see.

Recommend your favourite books ( 1 – 3 titles)

I go through phases with books at the moment it is:

Becoming Supernatural -Joe Dispenza: I personally have read all his books on mind body and healing which really is of interest to me.

Meditations of the Heart- Howard Thurman: one of the key mentors to Martin Luther King and encouraging non violence within the civil rights movements. he words are so powerful

Heart of Yoga: Developing a personal practice- T. K. V. Desikachar- whenever I need to understand and study Yoga Sutras. i always find something when i refer here.

Phenomenal woman: Maya Angelou: a small book with some of her main poems an amazing woman.

Which daily practice would make us feel better?

At this moment in time any form of movement that works for you even if it’s just 5 minutes of dance or yoga whatever my body feels called to at that moment. I am working from home myself and have ‘movement breakout time’. I set a reminder on my screen for every hour if it is just to get up and dance to a song or doing some joint movements or yoga whatever feels right for me at the time I just do it. Singing or making a sound also counts – whatever I choose. I do believe in this time the path to feeling peace and grounded in oneself is varied so just explore and experiment what works for you!

Mountain or Beach?

Beach- Love being in the sit or just being by the beach

Cat or Dog?

Dog- I love both but I am swaying more to dogs!

Urban or Rural?

Combination! I am a Londoner born and bred love the city life, however I also appreciate and enjoy the stillness and pace of rural life as well.

Sunrise or Sunset?

Both endings and beginnings

Spring or Autumn?

Both I love seeing the changes in nature in both seasons

Which is your favourite food?

I am of Jamaican Heritage so I do love everything Jamaican and spicy!

More about Carlene Bogues:

Carlene Bogues yoga isn’t a practice it is a way of life. Since qualifying in 2012 Carlene regularly teaches group Hatha, Vinyasa, Yang & Yin, Restorative and Slow flow sessions. Why not try one of Carlene’s nurturing classes?


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