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Everyday, we have a choice about what we do. Sometimes it seems like there’s no choice – but mostly, if you’re reading this, there probably is.

Find Yourself

You think you’re tied into your job/mortgage/bills to pay conundrums? You probably created that cycle yourself, and if you really wanted to escape it, somehow you could. And we have a choice how we do what we do.

Home Practice for Choice

My yoga practice is brilliant for reminding me about that choice. My choice goes right from choosing the length and type of class, to bespoking my class as I go along.

I don’t want to do a variation as suggested by the teacher because of an injury or it just doesn’t feel good? That’s totally cool.

I want to turn my foot at a different angle in Warrior 2 to that suggested by the teacher because it feels good to me? I just go ahead and do it!

There’s no shame about doing something differently – for me part of the big attraction of doing yoga at home online is that we get to make our own choices and no-one knows what those choices are or can judge you for them.

Mindfulness for Choice

We all also get choices about how to react to events. Mindfulness and yoga has taught me that whilst i may not be able to change the circumstances in life, I really can change how I react to those circumstances and I can change how I feel about these circumstances. Keeping a ‘gratitude journal’ really helps with that one too, as it’s very hard to feel bad, sad or sorry for myself at the same time for being grateful for the things that are working out great – I still can breathe! I still have a house and my vegetable patch is growing my food – yay!!

Those without Freedom To Choose

I am aware that there are many people in the world who can’t choose, who can’t change their circumstances. Those people are just like me, living comfortable happy lives running businesses, going to school and university, living and laughing with their friends. And then war happened, their homes, offices, schools and businesses were bombed, their lives became impossible to live and they had no option for survival but to put themselves in tiny, overfilled dinghies. And if ever I were in a dinghy and I survived the journey, I would hope for someone to offer me food and shelter. For the people who have no choices, I hope that we can make good ones that impact others as well as ourselves.

Of the many different limbs of yoga, physical movement, or Hatha Yoga is just one aspect. Karma yoga is another aspect. Karma yoga is the ‘discipline of action’. Action does take discipline!

I am really glad to put Movement for Modern Life’s name to support two wonderful events helping refugees.

Yoga For Refugees

21st June, also officially known as International Yoga Day, is when OurMala is putting on an amazing live yoga event featuring fab teacher Emma Henry with live music from Rudimental’s Amir Amor (Soundscape) in a wonderful venue in Central London. We will be filming the yoga at this event, and we’re so chuffed to be supporting such an awesome organisation doing such brilliant Karma Yoga work.

Yoga For Syria

A very different event for Syrian refugees is a vegan, yoga picnic on Saturday 25th June run by Hero Yoga. I am so grateful for others selflessly creating these opportunities for us to give support to these people who’s lives have been turned upside down.

I do hope that we all have the strength and compassion towards ourselves and others to exercise our choices wisely!


If you’re wondering how to exercise your choice in gift-giving for father’s day, I’d love to send out a gentle reminder that our gift subscriptions are 50% off for existing subscribers. What better gift could there be for Dad than health and movement?

Kat Farrants by Karen Yeomans

Kat Farrants by Karen Yeomans

This post was written by Movement For Modern Life’s fabulous founder, Kat Farrants.


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  1. Jane

    This is such an inspirational blog! So many times Yoga is explained as turning into your self, into your heart, and focusing on you. But so much of the time when you do this, you end up looking outward to other people, understanding true kindness, honesty and love. Thank you for such a fabulous blog.


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