Moving Into Possibilities


In every well thought out plan, there’s always wiggle room. The very nature of life is change, so it’s not surprising that in every done and dusted decision, there’s always room for life to get in the way and for everything to change completely.


In every crisis, comes opportunity, no matter how hard things seem and how final things may seem to be. Know that for everything that happens in the world, no matter how bad it seems, new possibilities can always flower from it.

“There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” Leonard Cohen

I believe that what happens on the mat is reflected in the world. The good and the bad stuff, right from the intention of getting your yoga mat out to finishing your practice with resting pose – everything, every thought, intention and movement, can be found mirrored in life.

So next time you’re rolling out your mat with trepidation, because you just don’t feel like doing it, know that through your hesitation to practice comes a world of possibility.
There’s a lot of trepidation and fear in the world right now, but each one of us must be aware of the possibility for change within every single moment of every day. Just as leaving your comfy sofa and getting on the mat sometimes seems like the longest journey, when you get there, and you start breathing deeply, you just can feel the endless possibilities opening around you.

So it is in life. When we feel like change is impossible, that the journey is too hard, that the fight is over – that is when the best things come our way. But we need to be open to the possibility.
So it’s time to get up, get on your mat, move and breathe deeply – and you never know what could happen!

With love
Kat and Team MfML xx


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