Wellbeing Escapes offer life-changing experiences


Wellbeing Escapes provide a personal, expert advice in finding you the best retreat for you. Founder, Stella Photi, explains how  wellbeing holidays can offer you a life-changing experience.

What made you set up Wellbeing Escapes?

I founded it 11 years ago as I wanted to combine my passion for preventative health with my travel industry experience.

I wanted to create a wide range of results-driven wellness programmes and offer down-to-earth, objective advice on wellbeing experiences worldwide.

From fitness to detox to stress-management to meditation.

We carefully research and personally test all our wellness destinations.

It’s so rewarding when clients tell us that they’ve had a life-changing experience or successfully managed to make changes in their life following one of our holidays.

How has the company grown since?


Wellness is the fastest growing sector in the travel industry.

I think that’s because perceptions of what a holiday constitutes are changing with an ever-growing interest in healthy holidays that encompass rejuvenation programmes, healthy eating and exercise.

There’s been a real shift towards people proactively taking care of their health and a huge rise in individuals seeking alternative, preventative health approaches.

Wellbeing is cool!

We won The Best Specialist Tour Operator Award in The Telegraph Travel Awards 2015/16. This was a fantastic accolade for all the team’s hard work along the way!

What’s the most exciting part about your role?

I’d say the inspiring wellness experts that I meet. People who are passionate about what they do and truly want to nurture others and help them to make significant changes in their lives.

Their levels of expertise and knowledge impress me greatly and it’s so interesting to hear about the latest in treatment, fitness and nutrition.

Plus, of course, discovering new wellness destinations.

Come on – there has to be some perks to the job!

They are all unique and I love finding out what they are particularly passionate about and meeting their team.   

What are your Top 5 most-booked wellness destinations?

Mmmm – that’s a tough one! I’d say that these are amongst our most-booked destinations but we have many, many more popular ones too!

They all offer focussed programmes which combine rejuvenating spa treatments, energising fitness classes and healthy cuisine.

They are personalised to your individual goals and offer expert advice every step of the way.

How do wellness holidays differ from other types of holidays?

They give you the chance to address a particular issue such as stress, sleep or weight with expert guidance so that you can make positive changes and embed them in your every-day life once you return home.

Sustainable change is the key and a wellbeing holiday will set you on the right path.

You can still enjoy yourself and get out and about to explore the local area too so don’t think silent, joyless places.

Wellbeing destinations are quite the opposite.

Think positive and invigorating surroundings!

Plus you will meet people from all walks of life, just as you do when you travel traditionally.

What are your top tips when planning a Wellbeing Escape?

  • Think about what your personal goals are – do you want to shape up, detox, improve your eating habits, manage your stress levels or revitalise etc?
  • Ask for expert guidance – we can advise you on the perfect destination for you.
    You maybe prefer somewhere small and quiet or you may prefer a livelier place where you can easily mix with other guests. We can match your wellbeing requirements with the right ‘vibe’ to ensure you have the best holiday ever!
  • Be open to trying experiences. A wellbeing escape is a brilliant chance to try a new activity such as meditation – give it a go and it might just change your life!
  • Be goal-driven but realistic. For example, you won’t lose half your body weight on a weight-loss or detox holiday but you will receive expert nutritional advice which will help you to make healthy choices and continue in the future. Soak up the knowledgeable advice offered and use it to make changes going forward.
  • If you are unsure whether a wellbeing holiday is for you or are nervous about going alone (no need though – 65% of our clients travel solo!), try a short break first to dip your toe in and try different treatments and activities. We think you’ll soon be a convert though….!

Feeling inspired?

Head to: www.wellbeingescapes.com/a-z-of-wellbeing-resorts-html

or call the team on 020 3735 7555 – they’d love to help YOU find your perfect escape!

Website:   www.wellbeingescapes.com

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