Champions Of Change 10: Adrianna Zaccardi

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Movement for Modern Life is so pleased to welcome our newest yoga teacher on the site and our next Champion of Change. Adrianna Zaccardi. She is a radical yoga teacher in that she teaches something many of us need, but so few of us get. Rest. Her restorative yoga classes are a radical answer to the ceaseless focus on productivity, efficiency and ‘work hard, play hard’ culture.  Adrianna’s classes are confronting and really hard, because we are so used to being busy, to being distracted, that in fact it’s really so hard for us to simply just be with ourselves. 

In this podcast we hear why restorative yoga is the most radical practice, and why it’s absolutely essential for our health and wellbeing. Our culture sees rest as laziness, and productivity as something to work towards. Yet with our earth dying around us having been plundered for every bit of productivity, and our bodies had a similar fate, the overwork causing burn out, anxiety and illness, we find out why rest and sustainability for the whole of our lives is really a non-negotiable.  For a really sustainable life-long practice, we all need more rest. There is nothing more restful than restorative yoga. Hear how restorative yoga can heal you, and the importance of giving permission to yourself to relax into yourself and being able to be accepting of ourselves and others and all that life throws at us.


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