Aoife Kane on Her Love for Yoga, Surfing, Sage & More


In this week’s Q&A, meet an inspirational yoga teacher and life coach.


We’ve been asking our incredible instructors what motivates and inspires them to move. Allow us to introduce you to Aoife, whom you may recognise from her MFML videos.

Daily Move – what do you do every day to keep moving?

Neck release pose in baddha konasana and lunging sun salutations.

Daily ingredient? Five minutes each day – what to do for you?

Take a moment to breathe into your heart, ask it what it needs and make it happen. For me it could be a walk along the seafront in Dublin where I live, or listening to a favourite song. I also take time every day to write down three things I am grateful for. It is an amazing practice which I have been doing since the new year and I love it!


A peek at Aoife’s whimsical gratitude journal.

Favourite way to detox?

A sweaty yoga class devoted to twists, a day of juices and clean food and if I can a swim in the sea… You can’t beat salt water!

How you fell in love with yoga:

I fell in love with the practice as it helped me to heal my body and created a new possibility of moving in a way that was free of pain. I was sick as a teenager and yoga was part of my recovery.

What motivates you to move more?

That feeling of aliveness after I have had a run, a walk, taken a yoga class or danced to my favourite song. Movement shifts our energy. It stops us feeling lethargic and we get more motivated to be more and do more.

If you weren’t a yoga teacher what would you like to be? Or if you could switch lives with anyone who?

A professional surfer… I love the ocean and love nothing more than jumping into the ocean with my board. I’m still a beginner, so being a pro and travelling the world would also be cool!

What do you wear when you practice at home?

Slouchy yoga pants and a comfy tshirt.

Asana of today and why?

Loving koundinyasana at the moment. I feel free when I float into it 🙂

In Tweet length why you practice? (140 characters)…. Oh ok then give us a paragraph if you like:

To feel better in my body, my mind, my emotions & to nourish my spirit 🙂 ♥ #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #MFML

Essential yoga accessory – and where did you get yours?

White sage – it cleanses and purifies spaces and the energetic field of the body. I also love Yogandha oils which are made in Ireland, and Spotify has transformed the art of making a yoga playlist.

Which guru would you like to sit on a mountain with?


Places to practice – your top five places you have or would?

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland; Ubud, Bali; Tulum, Mexico; Costa Rica; India – I’ve been to the first three and the latter are on my list.


Check out Aoife striking a crow pose on the at the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland.

Last book you read?

Dying to be me – Anita Moorjani

Living thinker – someone whose life perspective you admire?

My mum… Live your life and get on with it ♥

What’s been your soundtrack this month?

Lord Huron – She Lit a Fire


This class with Aoife is ideal for mornings, or anytime you want to spark up vibrancy and energy to your core.

Yoga for Nepal: Volunteering Project

In November 2015, Aoife is travelling to Nepal as part of a large group of volunteers with Conscious Impact. This organisation is running volunteering initiatives throughout 2015 and into 2016 to help rebuild this beautiful country. As part of her commitment to the project, Aoife is fundraising for Nepal. Her goal is to raise $2,000 prior to arriving in Nepal in November. All donations are greatly appreciated. Please visit her fundraising page on Empowered and give what you can.


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