Embracing Change


The nature of life is change. There is only one given in life – whatever you’re experiencing now, good or bad, it will change.


Accepting change is one of the key techniques we need to master in this lifetime (and preferably before it’s over!) to experience happiness.

Embracing change with external events is one thing –  but does your movement practice change depending upon how you feel RIGHT NOW as well?

Some of us have had the same movement and mindfulness practices for years, throughout the seasons, and that stability provides comfort. But our bodies and minds change every minute of every day. And are you acknowledging those changes in your choice of class?

A disadvantage of the way yoga is currently practiced in the west is the one-size fits all approach. Turn up at 7.30 and do whatever the teacher feels like teaching. Often that class isn’t exactly what you need on that day, at that time. And our schedules don’t always allow us to attend the right class.

We’re here to help you help yourself. Before clicking on your ‘usual’ class or teacher (us humans really are great at forming habits!) take a moment to check inwards and ask what it is you NEED, and hone your search based on your answer. Do you want to feel more confident, or just more relaxed? Then again, tailor the search with your practice level and the time you have available. Trust us, you’ll have a much more bespoke class experience.

Enjoy your daily changes!

With love and gratitude,
Kat and Team MFML
17 September 2015

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