Healthy ways to a Fabulous Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day!

Have you noticed that all year round there’s a constant onslaught of promotions in the shops? Occasions such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Pancake Day, and Guy Fawkes Night all have historical meanings, but the modern day twist is an inundation to buy more stuff.

One day that makes sense to celebrate is Mother’s Day. One thing that is common to each of us is that we started life in the wombs of our mothers. Whatever our early experiences, our circumstances brought us to who we are today, thanks to our mothers.

It’s common for mums to put others before themselves. So rather than just buying flowers or chocolates that offer a temporary joy, how can you give the gift that has a longer-lasting effect? Let’s support mothers to look after their wellbeing. The more a mother’s needs are met, the more she can impact on the people she cares for.

For those that have lost their mums, allow yourself to feel a connection to her by doing things that you used to do together, or going through old photographs and other nostalgia.

Whatever stage of her mothering journey- a new mum or mum of teenagers- allow Mother’s day to fully honour all that she does. So much of mothering is an act of service, so put thought into what would make it a special day just for her. Here are some ideas:

Ask her (in advance) to write down her ideal day from morning until night. How does she like to wake up, where does she like to go, what does she like to eat? Then make as much of this happen as you can. It’s a powerful yet simple exercise at voicing and receiving what you want. Often, the things that people really want aren’t expensive gadgets and gizmos, but simple pleasures such as a walk in the park or a pampering pedicure.

Sleep– having enough sleep activates the parasympathetic nervous system, the opposite of the stress response and the part of the body that activates repair. Catching up on missed sleep, whether it be a juicy lie-in or a cheeky afternoon nap can help the system to reboot. Many mums are operating in a state of tiredness for most of the time- regaining energy can be a huge gift for body, mind and spirit.

Space – For mums of small children, they may rarely get a chance to have their own body to themselves. Why not run a bath with candles and essential oils, or give her some time to practice yoga uninterrupted? Allow her the space to curl up and read a magazine, or have an afternoon on her own while the childcare is covered.

Creativity -Women need creativity to be in their feminine flow. Busy lives are often list-driven, which doesn’t often leave space for creative pursuits. Baking, craft, painting and writing can all help to feel a sense of wholeness. They don’t have to be big or complicated missions, but space to be more creative can work wonders if the rest of the week is usually full of drudgery or chores!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Words by Avni Trivedi, Women’s Health Osteopath



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