Kat’s Online Yoga Retreat Part 4: Online Yoga Retreat – Is it a Good idea?



yoga retreat

I guess if I were asked, is it better to go on a yoga retreat with your favourite teacher or take classes online on holiday and call it your retreat – I’d take my live, favourite teacher in a heartbeat.

But – if you are going away with a mother/boyfriend/wife/sister who wouldn’t necessarily go on a yoga holiday and you’d like to deepen your practice whilst away, it really is a wonderful way to get your yoga fix.
Getting all the best teachers, up a mountain somewhere in Morocco? Choosing a class which suited our mood? Being able to stop the videos for when we’re in hysterics? Being able to choose between the best teachers, having a different teacher, practice or length of class each day? I think, priceless.
Sometimes I really am so glad that I came up with this Movement for Modern Life stuff, just so that I could go on holiday with my mum, sister and all my favourite teachers. Thanks guys, for getting filmed and coming on holiday with us. We had a lovely time!


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