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You may have noticed that lately I’ve started to talk about things other than mindful movement and yoga – I’m exploring ways to take yoga off the mat..

This is something that may be new to many folks. To me, having long hamstrings and making fancy shapes really isn’t what yoga is all about. Yoga is about feeling connection, feeling freedom in body and mind and being a human being that your 5 year old self would be delighted to meet (children have such insight into people’s nature I think!).

Lets discover new ways of living, new habits to start and life hacks to make them stick!

Don’t get me wrong, I really do feel that I live more when I move more. For me though it’s also the transformative aspects of yoga and mindful movement which we can take deeper dive into, from a self-enquiry into the choices we make in life to considering the philosophical roots of these ancient practices. The deeper philosophical roots of yoga are certainly something I’ll be exploring and learning about with you, our wonderfully supportive.

So I’m seeking more ways to transform my life. I’d love you to explore with me as I meet people who have made changes to how they live to be healthier and happier, and discover new ways of living, new habits to start and life hacks to make them stick – and ways to take more care of ourselves and the planet! 
I’m hoping you’ll be inspired to join me on a journey of discovery, to learn and explore, to take curious ponderings on the podcast, on our blog and in future challenges while we delve into the transformative powers of yoga, and the importance of taking those sometimes daunting, small steps to live a healthy, happy and sustainable life. 

Listen to our Podcasts as we find out what it means to take yoga off the mat.

What does it mean to live our yoga on and off the mat? How have others truly lived their yoga? This is what this season’s podcast, the Champions of Change series is all about. How have our teachers lived their yoga to create change in the world.

Do catch up with our teen teacher (and recent winner of a Diana Award for her work taking yoga to schools) Robin’s story, our first podcast! This week I interview MFML favourite Vidya Heisel about her ground-breaking mission – to reverse desertification. Find out about this true ecological and yoga heroine, and how permaculture can help to stem one of the biggest ecological catastrophes of our time.

And Movers, don’t worry, my mission is still to keep bringing you the best yoga teachers and their amazing classes, but I also know that many of you in the Movers group are also thinking about your life choices and how your yoga can help in real life. So perhaps you’d join me on the journey?

With love
Kat and Team MFML

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