Life Hacks & Habits Of Nikita Akilapa


Meet Nikita Akilapa, yoga teacher and would be unicorn! We wanted to find out how she got to be just so amazing, so we quizzed her for her life hacks and habits which we’re delighted to share with you too…

Daily Move – what do you do every day to keep moving?

I have a young children with an abundance of energy. We dance and do cartwheels. We run in the park. We climb in the forest. We practice yoga and fling ourselves around 🙂

Daily ingredient? Five minutes each day – what to do for you?

Stop and watch the breath. Watch the breath while you sit in silence or while you move through a short flow. Or while you travel on a bus, or as you walk through the park. As you do your shopping or when you’re cooking. It will start as five minutes and it will become ten. It will start as a background thing while you do something else and then it will be your main focus. Its an invitation to a long and rewarding path.

Top tip for creating a habit:

  1. Remember why you do it, how it feeds into and supports your higher purpose. If it’s truly aligned with your dharma, your soul will ask for it and you wont be able to stay away.
  2. Be realistic about how much time it needs to take. For example, a good practice doesnt need to be 75 mins long. Give yourself permission to work with what you have.
  3. Potect that time in your diary. Treat it like client time that you are paid for. Because if it serves your higher purpose, then you ARE paid for it…in raised vibrations.

If you weren’t a (yoga) teacher what would you like to be?

A unicorn.


If you could switch lives with anyone who?

My daughter who is a total creative inspiration

What do you wear when you practice at home?

PJs and/or glitter

Asana of today and why?

Wheel. Because I love the trippy buzzy feeling that backbends give me and it asks my stubborn shoulders to open up.

In Tweet length why you practice?

I practice to know and understand myself better. To cut the crap and really be the truest version if me.

Essential yoga accessory and where did you get yours?

My breath. My mama gave it to me 😉 Seriously though, although I do love a candle and insence, and I often practice with music and props, I travel a lot and I can’t always take these things with me. So I taught myself to anchor to my breath as my sacred space. Because it goes with me everywhere.

Last book you read?

Sarah La Rosa ~ Her Strange Angels

What’s been your soundtrack this month?

Strong, empowering, inspiring sisters like Sade, Kate Bush, Erykah Badu 🙂

>>Practice With Nikita>>

fiery flow with nikita akilapa

>>Fiery Flow>>

A warming flow to heat you from the inside out.

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