Meditation: transitions, expansion and empowering yourself

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Welcome to this special edition of the Movement for Modern Life podcast: MFML meditations!

This is the first in a series of live meditations from our wonderful team of teachers which were part of our recent Home Yoga Retreat. These meditations, dharma talks and Q&A sessions are fantastic tools for supporting us through challenging times.

This week, Clive Fogelman will be leading a meditation on the theme of transitions. Clive is an innovative teacher who loves to explore the power of transitions, both on and off the mat. Transitions are a huge part of creating a more familiar relationship with the body, expanding our options and empowering ourselves to make mindful choices. The meditation is followed by a Q&A session with members of the Movement for Modern Life community.

Listen to Clive’s recent podcast on transitions here:

We hope you find this useful and please do share it with family and friends who may also benefit from some positive tools and philosophy at this time. 

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