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Moving Into 2017


I wish you the happiest of New Years. Whilst I believe that the New Year is an arbitrary dividing line in time, I also think that it can be a very useful time of year to consider, to review and to set our new goals and intentions.

It’s really very silly that most of us only do these things at New Year, because it is so useful to review what’s been working and to decide to do more of that and think about what hasn’t been working, and do less of it!

So it’s a great time to think – who makes me laugh? Who makes me feel supported and happy? Whose values chime with mine? And then consciously decide to spend more time with them. And think – who needs me right now, who is lonely and could do with a friend – and decide to spend time with them. And the gratitude exercise I mentioned before, which is writing down, to whom do I owe my life, my success, my happiness, and to thank them. This can include everyone from the people who collect your rubbish bins to the people who pay taxes to give us the roads we drive upon, to those people who we love and know we owe so much to.

It’s also a great time to reflect on what really matters in the world – when the chips are down, what do you stand for and care about? Then you can make steps, write down ways you’d like to help or be part of the solution.

This way, your New Years list of ‘Resolutions’ will be more like Revolutions – less an exercise in self-study, and more a thought in, how to be the change in the world. And how can yoga and self-study go out and help others? After all, this is what the Movement is all about – making mini, daily Revolutions for yourself.

If you are a Resolution-Setter (I own up, I am! I love a plan, a goal and a resolution!) I do hope you choose to read my blog post on setting your resolutions, in the form of a Sankalpa for the year. This way, your resolution won’t be short-lived and done in two weeks. I am off on the Very First Movement for Modern Life retreat this week, where I will be on Facebook Live in our brand new Movers Group. My revolution for MFML is that we all are more supportive for each other, able to inspire each other, and be there for each other – taking our little, sometimes lonely, home practice out into the world.

Wishing that your deepest dreams and desires for 2017 come true.

Kat xx


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