Moving Into Emotional Healing


When we practice yoga, or our movement, we often focus on the body and breath. The state of our emotional body can have the same, if not a more profound impact on our physical bodies.


By moving the physical body in a certain way, the emotional body has the opportunity to surrender deeply held past emotional injuries. When we breathe slowly and consciously into the body, some of our grief – caused by experiences ranging from injustices as a child, unresolved trauma and heartbreak to the loss of our family and friends – has a chance to gradually release.

You may wonder what the emotions have to do with the physical body and how it is possible that they accumulate. Well, recall the last time you sobbed out of sadness, the feeling in your throat, your chest. Or if you’ve experienced heartbreak – it really does feel like your heart is about to explode. The sadness causes palpable pain. And where does that physical pain go? (Hint: it leaves behind residue on a cellular level.) Now, think of how your body feels when you are happy – punching the air? Arms in the air!

Although these emotions reside deep within the bodily tissues, yoga can help transform them. If this stagnant energy is consciously breathed and moved, you can release yourself from the grip of the emotional past. And move into the future, where happiness, confidence and optimism beckons.

We have now made it easier for you to find practices for your emotional, as well as physical, state – our videos page has been further customised so that you can search by emotion. You can choose to Move from Anger, Move into Happiness, Move into Calm, Move into Confidence or Move from Heartbreak.

Do try these out and let us know how you get along!

With love,

Kat and Team MFML xx
13 August 2015

Brand New Videos:

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