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Happy Spring Equinox!


I hope that you’re loving the extra spring time light and are taking the opportunity to celebrate and welcome in the light, which those of us in the UK and the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying. Maybe you will find some more light in your heart, in your life, in the coming months. And see if you can use the intention of bringing extra light in your life every time you get on your mat, no matter what form that extra light be – physical light, a lightness in your body, or just taking yourself a bit less seriously.

We have an amazing new teacher to welcome to celebrate the light with. He is in fact a leading light on Yoga, one of the most senior Yoga Masters of our age, and we are absolutely delighted to count him in our tribe of the very best, handpicked selection of teachers from around the world. Sri Dharma Mittra started to teach yoga in 1967 and founded the Dharma Centre in 1975. Sri Dharma’s life has been dedicated to sharing and spreading knowledge and light on yoga. He was one of the first yoga practitioners in New York, and is known throughout the world as a ‘Rock of Yoga’, teaching the principles of yoga including the yogic principles of Ahimsa (non-harming) through vegetarianism, veganism and kindness to all beings, especially animals.

We were graciously allowed to film Sri Dharma Mittra’s interviews, pranayama and meditation practices with our friends at Indaba Yoga, and his classes were  filmed as part of the really exciting live event run by Indaba Yoga and held at the famous Lords Cricket ground. We are so grateful to our friends at Indaba – do pop along for a class if ever you get to London, we think the friendliest studio in London

Like Sri Dharma, I celebrate and love animals, and although I can’t do all of the advanced postures which his classes are so famous for, I like to think that, especially at Solstice, where we celebrate birth and light, we can do our ‘bit’ of yoga by spreading kindness to all beings. This week, to celebrate the deliciousness that is possible when eating vegan, we have teamed up with our friends at Inspiral to give you a chance to win a free Easter Choc Box which looks absolutely scrummy.

I do hope you enjoy Sri Dharma’s classes. They really are famous for being tough, so please, put your ego to one side and play safely. Remember, child’s pose is your friend and your knees have to be with you for life.

Kat Farrants by Karen Yeomans

Kat Farrants by Karen Yeomans

This article was written for Spring Equinox 2016 by Movement for Modern Life’s fabulous founder, Kat Farrants.


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