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I’m not sure about you, but often, I can feel a little ‘stuck’. I can feel stuck in my ways, stuck with my practice, stuck so that I don’t make decisions, just plain old stuck in life.

Sometimes when I get stuck in a rut, I just repeat the same practice, which worked for me months or weeks ago, but I’m not feeling the same benefit as I did then. And I’m left wondering, why doesn’t that work for me now, it used to then? For me, my ‘go to’ practices are something feisty like a vinyasa or a hatha class in the morning, and a Yin evening practice.

But sometimes, when I’m just not feeling it from my ‘usuals’ on the mat and when I’m feeling ‘stuck’ with my practice, my life reflects it.

These are times that I find decisions harder to make, doors that usually just fall open are failing to open for me, that I’m making tons of effort, for not much reward. And in life, the things that usually have, and in the past have worked for me, just aren’t having the same result. These are the signs that we’re falling into unhelpful habitual behaviour and that we’re ‘stuck’

I speak to a lot of our Movers in our Facebook Movers Group and in ‘real life’ and I hear a lot that people have their favourite ‘go to’ classes, but they don’t branch out to try new classes or practice. This week I’d love for us all to try something completely different.

Have you ever tried QiGong? We are building a lovely range of classes with our newest teacher Joo, who in his writings describes why he practices Qigong:

“We all want to be well. By being well, we can have healthier lives, easier relationships, and hopefully live with less pain. Physical activity like Qigong is useful if being well means we are able to live our lives more fully. For me, it means being able to smile and laugh more easily with my family and friends. This is why I practice Qigong and why I passionately teach it. Imagine that your intentions are the banks of a river, and the qi is the water flowing in the river. The landscape of the river banks shapes the flow of the water.”

So for all of you who have never heard of Qigong, or never tried it, or think it’s not for you, how about just giving it a go with an open mind, and you never know what might happen!

What I love about Joo’s classes is that they are all really accessible to most bodies, and can mostly be practiced on a chair as well as standing up, but they also feel very physical, and they leave your body, mind and spirit feeling just amazing!

Try Qigong this week and let us know how you get along on the Facebook Movers Group!

with love
Kat and Team MFML


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