Moving Into Trust


This week is an important anniversary for me. My journey from lawyer to entrepreneur started four years ago, to this day.


Now I find myself writing you this in the same airport I was in when I started my quest for transformation.

The most important lesson I have learnt along my journey is that what we have, right now, is absolutely what we need in this moment. Our life might be in tatters and we may think there is no end in sight. But this is the most perfect thing that could be happening to you.

It’s all a matter of trust. In your heart, you know that everything will happen exactly the way it’s supposed to. Nevertheless, we must trust in the process and allow ourselves to explore our learning edges, which are sometimes our toughest experiences.

My story, if you don’t know it, is that although I had practiced yoga since the age of 18, it took a serious car accident and my husband to leave me to finally get the wake-up call and really start living. I’d never have got through the physical and mental distress without the power of yoga and breath-work.

My destroyed body and soul took a while to heal. But they did. And that gave me the opportunity to transform. When the road gets rough, continue on your path of truth. It could be the greatest blessing given to you.

With love and gratitude,
Kat with support from team MFML
2 October 2015


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