Preparing for a Home Yoga Retreat

Home Yoga Retreat

Planning to join our Home Yoga Retreat? Wondering how to prepare? Here are our top five tips to help you get most of your time staying at home and going inwards!


If you’re living with other people, get your family and friends on side to help you make the most of your home yoga retreat. Let them know you’re planning on taking the retreat and that you’ll be carving out some time for the classes, live meditation, reflection and indulgence. Some of them may even want to join you. This would be a fabulous way to connect more deeply with the people you share your space with and be a fun thing to do together. If others don’t want to participate, negotiate with them so that they know when you are available and when you’re not!

2. Space

We often associate retreats with time away from our usual ‘space’ by distancing ourselves from our usual routine. Whilst we have had a measure of ‘distancing’ imposed on us, we find ourselves in our habitual space but in a different routine. The truth is that we don’t need a special ‘space’ for yoga. Transform the space you do have for your practice into a ‘sacred’ space by treating it with respect. You have everything you need in your own home to make this retreat special. Gather pillows, cushions and blankets for your restorative practice. If you have essential oils and a burner, perhaps use these during your practice. Enter the space where you will practice with reverence.

3. Time

Time is something that we feel that we have plenty of at the moment, despite this our time may still feel like it slips through our fingers. It is helpful and supportive to create a timetable for yourself. Having a routine will really help you to settle into the new normal and will also help your cohabitees to understand and navigate the retreat with you. Creating a schedule will help you to complete your classes and support you in completing the contemplations and reflections we suggest.

4. Enjoyment & Relaxation

What are you doing to look after yourself at the moment? You may be doing lots for the people around you, but how are you offering yourself treats and indulgences. One of the best things about retreats is the degree of care they allow us to shower on ourselves, whether that is through healthy food or time to rest. Make sure that you have included enough ‘fun’ and ‘self-indulgent’ time into your schedule. You might want to get creative with the healthy food you find in the shops, or taking a nap. On many retreats, you are able to indulge in a treatment. In this instance, you may need to be your own beauty therapist. Take a long bath, stick on your favourite music, do your nails or give yourself a massage and then, maybe, turn the music on extra loud and dance around the room.

This is such an opportunity to explore and focus on what you truly value in your life. You might even consider keeping a daily journal during the retreat to note how each theme resonates with you and to note any insights you have. Do what will nourish your soul as well as your body during these days.

5. Be an active member in our MFML Community

The MFML movers group provides a consistent source of inspiration, accountability, friendship, advice and knowledge. During the home yoga retreat we will be posting prompts and reflections daily in the movers’ group. This will help you to get the most out of the daily theme.

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