Sleep Challenge | Day 6


Welcome to Day 6 of the MFML Big Sleep. Just two more sleeps to go for your habits to be set up for the rest of your life!

sleep well

Day 6: What to do

  • Have a think about what you drink.
  • Get to bed early leaving plenty of time for the Gandha Ritual, yoga and journaling.
  • Set your alarm in time for morning journaling and yoga.
  • Tell us your favourite alternative to caffeinated drinks on the FaceBook Movers Group.
  • Do the best you can and no more.
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Our society is coffee crazy but it doesn’t do us much good; palpitations, overstimulation, bad skin, bad breath, heartburn, decreased mineral absorption. Oh, the list goes on.

Try to cut down caffeine or cut it out altogether and enjoy better sleep and improved mental outlook. Apart from all the delicious herbal teas out there, here are some alternatives to tea and coffee if you decide to cut down:

  • Stimulate your system first thing each day with half a lemon squeezed into a cupand topped up with hot water.
  • A sprig of fresh rosemaryin a cup of boiling water makes a refreshing and stimulating brew.
  • Pour hot water onto grated fresh ginger with a spoonful of honey for a warming and uplifting option.
  • Redbush teawith a little milk is a good alternative to regular tea when you fancy an afternoon cuppa.
  • Hot milk with honey and maybe a sprinkling of nutmeg or drop of vanillaworks well if you’re missing your milky latte.
Night Time Drinking

It goes without saying that too much fluid in the evening can have you jumping out of bed! Be sure to drink plenty during the day for good night time hydration, but cut down in the evening. Having said that a small cup of chamomile tea or other herbal night time tea is wonderfully soothing at the end of the day.

Some people swear by a little nip of brandy to help them drop off. Well, this is much better than resorting to sleeping pills. But alcohol also can also reduce the quality of your sleep. So as ever, go steady sleepy friends – moderation in everything.

With love

Kat and Team MFML


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