Sound Healing: How can Sound be Therapy?

We are thrilled to bring you a new digital online experience, an immersion into soundscapes with Kirsty Norton. This is something which is truly revolutionary. No video, no need for screens and truly inclusive to every body, no matter mobility.
All you need for these soundscapes are your headphones and a comfortable place to sit or lie down. Switch off your screens, reduce the stimulation and blue-light waves. Give yourself the opportunity to receive the melodious, harmonious effects of healing sound. 

It’s time to Reduce your Screen Time: 

Professor James Goodwin (Director of Science and Research Impact at Brain Health Network, a leading online brain health information platform) says, “We live in a sea of artificial illumination, rich in short-wavelength or ‘blue’ light, especially strong in digital devices, such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones and television screens.” 

Professor James Goodwin explains that at certain times of the day the blue-wavelength light is beneficial because it makes us more alert and reduces sleepiness, however at night it can really destroy our sleep patterns. Studies have shown that over exposure to screens later in the evening reduces total sleep time, suppresses melatonin production and increases the chances of waking up in the night. 

Essentially we overdose on screen time and use our devices too late in the night and this can really damage our sleep. 

This is one reason we have designed these ‘screen free’ audio sessions. They are high quality immersive sound experiences that you can plug your headphones in and turn off your screen. They give you the opportunity to down-regulate your nervous system and set yourself up for improved sleep and deeper rest. Sound healing as a therapy is also very healing. Through the sound vibrations you enter into coherence and find alignment for the mind and body. 

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What is Sound Healing and how does it work? 

Kirsty Norton shares more below, about these immersive soundscapes and how the magic of sound healing works

Sound Healing is the therapeutic application of soundwaves (frequency) to a person or group of people with the intention of bringing them into a coherent state of balance and harmony.

When matter vibrates it produces sound – the vibration literally creates a wave of sound. Everything is vibrating so everything is sound, everything is in vibration. In sound healing you change the vibration rate of what is out of alignment (also called dissonance).

“Sound is the Vibrational Nature of Existence. Sound is movement, is a wave with a certain oscillation, pulsation, or what we call frequency.“

Laura Inserra
How can Sound be Healing?

Sound works on different levels including the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical levels. Think of how an exhaust backfiring sounds compared to the sound of the wind through leaves in a forest. It evokes a very different response. In our noisy world many of us find it increasingly hard to relax and our  sleep is being affected. Using certain sound healing audios as a tool for relaxation is a great addition to your life. It enhances the relaxation response of the nervous system and changes your brain wave state to take you to rest.

In the context of ‘sound healing’, I use the word ‘healing’ to refer to coherence. To bring someone into a state of coherence and out of a state of dissonance. It enhances the innate intelligence of your body to come into a natural state of balance.

Working with sound healing enhances your own body and mind’s capacity to get back into a state of homeostasis. In today’s society where we are constantly taken away from that, sound healing serves as a tool to bring back balance.

What to expect? 

There are many instruments that can be used for sound healing, including voice. Most often you will see gong baths, harps, chimes, drums, voice and crystal bowls but it’s not limited to these. You might have heard, or indeed be using binaural beats or solfreggio soundscapes to help you rest or get creative.

Now, you can even listen in 8D so you are completely immersed and the sounds come from all around when you’re wearing headphones. We are very happy to be bringing you some of this in the sound healing experiences we have created for you on MFML.

Cymatics is the art of making sound visible and there are some great videos online that you can watch – prepare to be astounded. Since we are made up of between 65%-85% water (this varies with your age), you can see why sound healing is proving to be so popular, imagine what it does to your cells.

Peace, Harmony, and Deep Rest 

Sound used in this way, with clear, positive intention brings peace and harmony to the brain and nervous system. Some people experience deep rest automatically, sleep better and feel more regulated immediately. Others can get activated and emotional. I think it’s important to mention this here as this is quite normal and natural as the sounds smooth out any tension. Remember, the idea is to bring dissonance into coherence.

Sound is vast and used in this way can be very profound. The brainwave state changes, alongside the soothing of the nervous system and all the other benefits are great allies in this information age that can often leave us feeling overwhelmed. Switch off, treat yourself to a guided sound journey and let it take you away into a relaxed state.

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Give them a try: 

There are five sound healing journeys you can start to relax and explore and each journey is designed to take you on an exploration of a different range of feelings and experiences. 

For example: 

Each of these sessions have a different focus, and you may find each time you revisit the sessions you get something different from them too, depending on your intention and how you feel that day. 

When to go on your Sound Journey?: 

The sound journeys can be practised any time of the day, but they are particularly useful when you feel anxious or to prepare before bedtime for deeper restorative sleep. 

Eve Kalinik (Nutritional Therapist and Gut-Health Specialist for Kalla Probiotics) talks about the impact too much screen time has on our sleep and how that has a knock on effect on our mood, emotions and our health. Eve Kalinik says “prioritising our bedtime is key to helping support our microbiome and our mood.” She recommends using the hour before bedtime to do mindful activities and process some of the events and feelings of the day. 

This hour is the perfect hour to turn off your screen and tune into a sound healing journey. 

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Get the Most from your Journey: 

Take time to set up your journey space so you feel safe and comfortable. We recommend:

  • Find a private space where you won’t be interrupted.
  • Use good quality headphones so you can dive deeper into the soundscape. 
  • Turn off all screens and let the sound vibrations guide you.
  • Use nice scents (such as lavender essential oil for relaxation, or lemon balm to ease feelings of anxiety) 
  • Try an eye pillow (scented can be a real treat!) 
  • Dim your lights, get comfey and layer up so you stay warm (your body temperature drops fast with deep relaxation and stillness).
  • One option is to set yourself up outside in nature, lay on a rug and wrap yourself in blankets!

Enjoy this amazing experience and let us know how you get on in the comments or on the private Movers page on Facebook!

Contributions from:

Kirsty Norton – A teacher on MFML (with the Embrace Your Essence series) and founder of the Embrace Your Essence – Inner Wisdom Practice School.

Eve Kalinik (Nutritional Therapist and Gut-Health Specialist for Kalla Probiotics)

Professor James Goodwin (Director of Science and Research Impact at Brain Health Network, a leading online brain health information platform)


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