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For many of us, the season of goodwill is truly underway. It’s become clear to most of us that the way that us humans have organised ourselves and decided that shopping for throwaway goods is an acceptable pastime is simply not an option for the planet anymore.


It’s become clear to us that the world is drowning in the weight of plastic and with ever-more goods and unsustainable food being produced, carbon emissions rise, rainforest gets cut down and our precious water supply wanes.

I know that these aren’t very jolly, Christmassy thoughts – but let’s be honest, these are thoughts which are now in the back, if not the front of many of our minds.

I’d like to also focus on sustainable ways that we can make Christmas Christmassy:

Rent a Christmas tree!

Right next to my house, they do a ‘Rent a Christmas Tree’ scheme, which is amazing!! The other thing you can do is to use the same tree every year. Then when you want to hang things off the tree, re-use all the old decorations and just make for yourself new decorations. All the shiny new baubles and plastic in the shops come at too high a price for the planet.


Decorate with plenty of candles – but please make sure you’re not using paraffin candles, which are the ones usually found in supermarkets, instead you can use clean-burning vegetable wax candles. Perhaps try organic soy wax candles?We like these candles by The Pure Candle Company.


Decorating with foliage

Decorate with evergreens! I’m no horticulturist, but the way that I decorate my own house is with displays of locally found plants – holly, ivy, and fir and lovely flowers. There are very beautiful ways of making your house look gorgeous and Christmassy, just being a bit ‘greener!’. Check out some of these ideas from House and Garden for decorating with foliage.


Keep wrapping paper to a minimum, use recycled paperand reuse all your old, but still gorgeous ribbons and bows.


Eat and drink local and organic!  Try to support smaller, local businesses – even the UK produces lovely sparkling wine, which shall be sparkles at the MFML party, and there’s a lovely vineyard not far from me. So do support local where possible. And try to buy organic, we all know that the pesticides and chemicals used in conventional farming aren’t kind to the environment. Just see if you can perhaps provide one less meat dish than you normally would. I know a meat-free Christmas is too far for most, but just reducing the amount of meat in your meal, and of course going organic and free-range, are kinder to the planet and each other options!



And of course, with present-giving, giving the gift of health in the form of an MFML subscription is the best gift, but also think of gifting places on retreats, workshops and classes. Experiences are the best gift to give!

With love
Kat and Team MFML

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