Champions Of Change 13: The Red School

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The Red School Founders chat to Kat about how we can step into our own power by becoming aware of our own bodies and our own cycles. Hear about how power can be restored to women through paying attention to the menstrual cycle. Becoming cycle aware is about the art of attention, and the art of listening. When we start to pay attention to our menstrual cycle, when we learn what our bodies need at the different times of the month, this impacts women’s overall health and wellbeing massively. Our bodies have their own intelligence, and we need to learn the art of listening to that intelligence. When we do so, we can create a whole new system in ourselves and completely transform our physiology so that symptoms and consequences of stress and inflammation in women’s bodies which include everything from painful periods, to PMS to fertility issues, reduce and most importantly, we can step into our own power. Once we listen to what our bodies are telling us, we learn the immense creativity open to us, borne out of doing nothing, listening to our bodies, giving mindful awareness to our cycles, and we learn how small changes make all the difference, and we can discover our dharma and live our most creative, authentic life.

Movement for Modern Life are running, with the Red School, a Women’s Wellbeing course on Menstrual Cycle awareness. 


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