The Secret Yogini’s Diary: From Beginner Yoga to Handstand Part 1


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Back in the days when I worked in local TV, I did a little series in which I tried out various sports.
The premise was ‘If I can do it, anyone can’.
And that’s rather how I feel about yoga.
I am the one who topples over in Parvrita Parsvakonasana and who collapses against the wall in
headstand prep. Even so, over the past year or so of regular yoga, I have become far more flexible and, even, a little bit adept.
In some poses.
Trouble is, I rely a great deal on home practice.
I don’t live in a big urban centre with loads of fancy clubs offering a plethora of exciting classes at all hours. What’s more, I work funny shifts and funny days and have a host of crazy commitments. You know, the real life thing. Gets in the way of being my beginner yoga practice.
I do have a great teacher whose classes I can usually get to once a week, and that’s fantastic for keeping me on track alignment-wise. But it’s nowhere near enough to feed my passion or to improve much as a yogi.
Knowing my situation, a very good yoga friend gave me a three month Gift Subscription to MFML.
One look and I was hooked. That was five weeks ago and it’s still the best present ever.
So, now I have so much more inspiration and more guidance. But I still have to make the
commitment and carve out the time….
And it struck me that my problems and progress might offer some help to others… Or if not help, then, with me, there’s often the possibility of hilarity. As I suggested, I can be clumsy – and the cats and dog do like to get involved on occasion.
The thing is, as you probably know, it’s not always easy for a wannabe yogini, and companionship along the journey might just help smooth our path a little. So, join me, as I seek insight, resilience, mental clarity, Hanumanasana, a stable headstand and, one day, a knock-’em-out handstand.
Yeah, it could be a long, long road…..
The Secret Yogini
selfie - hanuman asana

Selfie – Hanuman Asana- beginners home practice



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