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Way of the Tortoise

How do you create healthy habits? Is it possible to make happiness a habit? We were excited to delve into The Way of the Tortoise to find out if a ten-minute a day journalling exercise offers an answer.

The Way of the Tortoise offers to be a ‘coach, handbook and journal’ all in one. At Movement for Modern Life, we know how difficult it can be form and stick to new habits. Our Small Steps course is all about taking small steps to lead a happier, healthier and more sustainable life. We know that a daily journalling and gratitude practice makes us happier and healthier. But at the same time, it’s hard to build habits. The Way of the Tortoise journal provides a handy solution.

Making a habit

The Way of the Tortoise offers a simple daily journalling exercise to help create positive habits. Habits are what our daily lives run on, giving our lives a shape and pattern and yet we can fall into habits that aren’t always supportive. We want to change, but how? The answer lies simply in daily repetition. That’s right: change your habits and you can change your mindset. We know this but putting it into action is difficult. This is where The Way of the Tortoise offers genuinely practical help; the creators realise that sudden major shifts can be short-lived but ‘tiny-yet-powerful incremental Tortoise Steps to build momentum, inner confidence and positive lasting change.’

Who is behind The Way of the Tortoise?

The Way of the Tortoise is packed is packed full of advice which draws on psychology, business wisdom and support. The founder of The Way of the Tortoise, Klaus White, created the journal after changes in his life put him in a dark place. Klaus told us: “I decided to create a daily journal using the methods that helped me get through my darkest times and set up The Way of the Tortoise.”

Klaus continues “I’m passionate about getting the word out about the power and benefits of journalling, mindfulness, gratitude, exercise, nutrition; essentially focussing on building positive habits to improve happiness and create a meaningful and happy life. Everything in the journal is what I have used and is based on personal experience. I created a powerful set of habits based on in the science of happiness and well-being. Diet and exercise (yoga included) is a big part of this.”

How does it work?

Klaus explains: “An acorn will not become a might oak overnight, and we do not expect it to. We may want it to, but there is a natural process to follow which takes time. The same goes for our lives.” The Way of the Tortoise journal works in the same way. The questions and prompts support you in self-reflection and this positive new habit will only take 5 minutes in the morning and five minutes before bed. The journal helps you to connect with what’s in your heart and mind through the daily practices of reflection, gratitude, contribution and meditation.

Connecting to your emotions and truly understanding how you feel is key to your success, and ultimately your happiness.

Klaus White, The Way of the Tortoise
What do we think about the journal?

We think The Way of the Tortoise is great! Our wordsmith maven, Rakhee Jasani who put together our Small Steps course alongside our founder Kat Farrants, has been taking the journal out for a test drive and exploring The Way of the Tortoise website. This is what Rakhee has found so far: “I love this journal for several reasons. Firstly, it’s because it is so easy. Secondly, the journal prompts are supportive. Let me explain, sometimes, journal prompts can be obscure or difficult and you feel under pressure. Not so in this case. The journal really allows you to focus on the small steps you can take and also to realise how you can feel. If you have tried to set intentions, you will know how difficult that can feel. In this case the journal helps you to uncover what’s been there all along and harness this insight. This is really powerful.

There are essays and reflections on visualisation, self-reflection, gratitude, happiness, habits, nutrition tips and mindset. I loved how accessible these all are. Everything is presented as a small step. This journal eliminates overwhelm at the same time as it asks us to make the effort to form the habits for success. Finally, the actual journal is beautiful. It is a perfect size and weight. I’ve already felt a shift and personally, I can’t wait to see what happens through the course of the next few months.”

You can find out more about The Way of the Tortoise through their website.


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