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new beginnings

Founder off MFML, Kat Farrants considers how Chinese New Year gives us the opportunity for renewal. The year of the Metal Rat is a time for new beginnings.

A time for renewal

I’m wishing all of you who celebrate a very happy and healthy year. And to all the rest of us, well, I always think that there’s so much that can be learned from other people and their cultures. This is the year of the Metal Rat, and it’s the sign of new beginnings! I always love a new beginning with all the optimism for the future that beginnings bring. Renewal brings hope that any stagnation will change; that the unhelpful habits that we (as a species!) have acquired can be shifted.

Renewal brings optimism that the shoots of green are indeed growing under the bare looking soil. Even when it doesn’t look like much is happening, new shoots are sprouting. What a positive message for the new year! How wonderful to think that there is still time for our hopes and dreams to come true!! And the best thing is, this year we will have more energy, more tenacity to make our projects happen! Read more about the year of the Metal Rat here

Nikita’s advice on yoga as a new mum

This week we also have a wonderful podcast with Nikita. If you’re a new mum, it’s an absolute must-listen. But I loved hearing Nikita’s thoughts on putting perfect aside, how to continue a yoga practice as a new mum and riding the wave and surrendering to life’s flow. But my favourite part of the chat was when she said that a cultural expectation to ‘return’ to a pre-baby body is so unhelpful! After all, after having a baby, the body will never be the same, and neither will our emotional selves be the same again. Having a baby truly is life changing in every sense, and fully being in our bodies for the experience, being in the experience of it, rather than wanting to speed ahead to be ‘fixed’ or to see a post-labour body as a body that needs to be fixed in any way!

Small Steps to Happiness

So many of us are half-way through the Small Steps to change course. I think that this course may be the most powerful one we’ve run so far, simply because it covers every aspect of our lives, and so many people are sharing their own small steps to living a healthier, happier life. It’s not too late to join in, and the nice thing about small steps is that it’s not about perfect, just the small steps which create the bigger picture in life. You can read more on our movers’ experiences in our movers’ group.


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