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How to care for your new Movement for Modern Life yoga mat

You’ve just received your brand new luxury yoga mat, but how do you best take care of it to keep it in tip top condition?

Keeping it clean

To clean your yoga mat, simply mix one drop of dish soap diluted into a large bowl of water. Then gently wipe the quick-drying surface of the mat. Do this only after 8-10 uses, depending on how much you sweat.  If your conditions make it necessary to clean your mat more regularly that is ok too. However, whilst our eco-friendly mat materials are super durable for your yoga practice, if they are over-cleaned or if you use abrasive products, this will wear out the mat faster. Because of this we don’t recommend using any chemical based products with your mat. 

Do not soak it when cleaning it. Let it dry naturally, NOT out in the sun.

Keep it dry

Was it a sweaty yoga practice? Have you cleaned your mat and it’s a little damp? Make sure you allow your mat to dry fully before rolling it up. 

If you need to roll up your yoga mat on your way home from a class then that’s fine, just unroll it when you get the chance so you can allow it air and space to dry out naturally.

Keep it out of the sun

The wonderful material used to make your yoga mat is biodegradable! This means we don’t recommend prolonged exposure to the sun as it speeds up this process. A little bit is ok, but in moderation!


We all hate when the ends of our mats roll in when we are practicing – right?! If you roll your mat so you have the top side facing outwards (the colourful side) between uses then it will ensure your mat lies flat to the floor when you next unroll it to use!

You and your yoga mat

The materials we use are very absorbent (and hygienic too). Because the mat is so porous, the natural oils from your skin may penetrate and stain the mat over time. These are the evidence of your hard work – be proud of the scars! 

But if you want to reduce the marking, try to avoid practising with freshly applied oils or creams. But even these sorts of marks will fade with time and with gentle cleaning too.

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