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This is the place to find a selection of videos that work for folks with weak or injured wrists or those that just don't like sun salutes! You'll also find some short classes to help build up, protect and strengthen those carpal muscles. We also recommend checking out our Yin and Restorative Section for more classes that are easy on the wrists.


  • Gentle Yoga to Unwind29:04
    Gentle Yoga to Unwind

    Sally Parkes

    A gentle yoga class of floor based movements for when we're low on energy and needing a gentle boost. Keeping low to the ground, and with few poses which use wrists, this yoga class uses gravity to unwind the spine, open the chest and shoulder area, helping our heart centred energy to flow more freely. A perfect class if you're suffering from PMT or you're on your period. Many of our day to day movement patterns can create a rigidness to the spine and rib cage that negatively affects our respiration and levels of tension throughout the chest, shoulder and neck area. But by moving in a flowing and ‘softer’ way, working with gravity as opposed to against it, we can begin to release these areas of tightness to become more free in our body. This sequence of predominantly floor based Hatha Yoga asana will work to unravel the upper body, especially the chest area, to create increased synchronicity between the upper skeletal system, breath and ultimately the heart space. You may need a block and bolster.

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