10 Reasons to go Plant-based in 2018


‘Going plant based’ has emmerged as the number one game changing trend of our future. Everyone from Ariana Grande to Richard Branson is boasting about the benefits and reasons why we all need to do it. Lorna McCormack writes…

Maybe you’ve heard the news but aren’t fully clear on why you should consider going plant based too.  If that’s you, here are 10 reasons to considering making the switch.

  1. Your energy will go through the roof

Plants (especially when eaten raw) require far less energy to digest than animal or processed foods. For that reason the rich nutrients in plants can get straight into the blood stream without getting all ‘caught up’ somewhere in your digestive system, giving you a constant steady flow of energy. Plus, thanks to all the fibre you’ll be getting, your body will be able to eliminate very efficiently, getting rid of all that waste that can make you feel sluggish.

  1. You’ll digest like a pro

Your digestive system is the centre of your physical and mental well-being. Yet so many of us are plagued by digestive issues, which has huge implications on our overall vitality. Plants, unlike processed and animal foods that are difficult to digest, are easy and efficient on your system. And, when eaten raw or even lightly cooked plants contain the very type of enzymes that your body needs to break that particular food down, which further eases the burden and stress on your body.

  1. You’ll never have to worry about ‘falling off the wagon’ again

When all you’re eating is delicious, satiating, easy to prepare meals you never need be concerned about jumping ‘on an off’ the wagon.  Plus, over time, your body detoxes, becomes cleaner and begins to absorb more nutrients, which is the key to halting those hunger hormones and making you happy.

  1. You’ll reach your ideal weight without restriction

Vegans are on average about 30 pounds lighter than meat eaters. There’s a good reason for that.  Plants are low in calories and high in nutrients.  Which means that you consume less calories per cupful of plant based whole foods when compared to the same amount of animal and processed foods.  Also, let’s be frank about this, fibre (which you’ll be getting in abundance from plants) makes you poop more…you do the math!

  1. You’ll get high quality sleep

Believe it or not, eating a plant filled diet is crucial for getting regular high quality sleep. The steady supply of superior foods provides our bodies with the perfect balance of nutrients required for rejuvenation and curbing those cravings for stimulants like processed sugars and caffeinated sodas, which may be keeping you up all night. Plus, plant based whole foods can lower the cortisol levels (stress hormones) in your blood stream, creating the ideal internal environment for high quality sleep.

  1. Your skin, hair and nails will glow and shine

Usually what’s going happening on the outside is a sign of what’s going on inside. Which means if your body is full of toxins and unable to eliminate them through your clogged up bowels, then it’s hello chronic skin disorders and brittle nails.  However when eating nutrient dense plants your body gets to spend less time on digesting and more time on beautifying.  In combination, the detoxifying ability of plants, easily assimilated nutrients and the elimination effects means more nutrients are flowing around your blood stream which gives you brighter eyes, shinier hair, stronger nails and glowing skin.

  1. Say bye bye to brain fog

Your ‘gut’ is like your second brain.  Which means that when it’s clogged up with old toxins and faecal matter, then so are your thoughts.  When your body doesn’t have to waste copious amounts of energy on digestion it gets to spend more time on building your mental clarity.

  1. You’ll be calmer and experience less anxiety

Plants provide us with the neurotransmitters that help to reduce anxiety and boost relaxation. These neurotransmitters, serotonin, melatonin and tryptophan are found in many fruits, veg, beans, legumes and seeds.

  1. No more seasonal sickness

Your digestive tract is actually responsible for 60 to 70 percent of your immune response.  A clean, free-moving tract means a strong immune response.  Fortunately that’s exactly what you get when you go plant based.  There’s nothing more cleansing than a diet full of fruit, veg, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds.

  1. You are doing the best possible thing you can for our environment, for our animal friends and for world hunger.

I’ll admit my initial motivation for going plant based was pretty superficial.  I wanted the glowing hair, strong nails and slim figure.  But as my journey progressed I have become more and more aware of the wide reaching implications of the food that I choose to put on my plate. What if I told you that all of the major environmental issues that our planet faces today, that world hunger, that the cruellest acts upon animals today are all linked to our food choices.

Health begins with what we choose to put into our bodies.  But total well-being extends far beyond this to the collective wellbeing of all living things.

Are you ready to take the next step?

If so, I’ve created a free course to jumpstart your journey to a plant based diet. In less than a week, you’ll learn what a plant based diet is, why it’s vital to a healthy lifestyle, and exactly how to get started.  Take the first step by joining the free program here.

Lorna McCormack’s journey to plant-based eating was fueled by her personal health challenges. It kick started years of study in plant-based nutritional therapy, and hundreds of hours counselling patients through their transformations via diet. Now, she’s making it her life’s mission to help others discover and excel on their own journey to more mindful nutrition.  Lorna has written an informative and inspiring free 5 day course to guide people to better health.  Sign up for her free course to learn more about plant based eating.


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