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I hope you’ve had a wonderful start to 2018. Movement for Modern Life is so very blessed that we were featured in The Telegraph’s article on 2018’s Biggest Fitness Trends, which is just so exciting. It’s wonderful when people ‘get’ what we’re up to.

I’m just massively grateful that the hard work of our teachers and team has been recognised. And of course massive thanks to our wonderful loyal subscribers who have enabled our growth to happen!

I do love the opportunity of the start of a new year to just hit ‘refresh’ on life, to think deeply about what it is that we love about our life, which people nourish and support us the most, and what activities or habits are most nurturing and make us happiest?

Go Through Your Diary!

I actually go through my diary for 2017 and do a quick review of the year, I look at what meetings, people, holidays, habits gave me most joy and were the most productive. And which activities didn’t result in happiness for me or those around me?

Make it your intention to do more of the things, and see more of the people, organise more of the events and experiences that gave you most happiness and see the people who have supported you. And simply make sure that you do less of the things that haven’t served you!

Yoga Every Day

This is also a wonderful time of year to go back to beginnings in your daily yoga practice. Maybe it’s a good time to make sure that you get on the mat every single day, by making your daily class a little more simple and shorten it, so it’s more accessible to you. Don’t be afraid to be enquiring of your yoga practice, to have a beginners mind, even if you’ve been practicing for decades! If you’re coming to yoga new for the new year, we welcome you! We really are so chuffed you’ve found us, and hope that you enjoy your new membership and we inspire you to roll out your mat every single day.

For all of us who would like to press ‘reset’ at this time of year – I do encourage you to check out Mimi’s wonderful class:  New Year Refreshing Sequence.

A short sequence that will leave you refreshed and energised. Includes twists, stretches, side plank for strengthening and backbends to open your heart and help you look forward.

For those brand new to yoga, and those looking for a gentle, back-to-basics introduction, do check out Lucy’s Brand New You class.

This class is great for starting out on your yoga journey and has been devised for those new to yoga, or who want a gentle, shorter class. A beginners dream, this class will grow your spine, deepen your breath and leave you wanting for more!

with love
Kat and team MFML



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