A Fearless Heart


“Be a warrior not a worrier.”– Anon


Photo Credit: Robert Sturman

There are so many different ways to be afraid, pretty much all of us are scared of something. It’s a little gremlin that can hold us back from reaching our true potential and worst of all, sometimes we don’t even realise that we have these fears.

But sometimes something shifts.  A “moment of integration” (Naomi Absalom) when our barriers break down and suddenly things become clear. Facing up to your fears can open up the path to beating them and becoming the beautiful person that you know you really are.

Read how this happened to our own lovely teacher, Naomi – not someone who usually comes across as fearful or anxious.  To us she seems more like a warrior goddess!  In this deeply honest and personal account, she describes a profound moment at a music festival when she suddenly realised that blocking out fear was like blocking out herself.

Of course there is a movement practice that can help at the times when you feel held back or held down. Naomi invites you to give yourself the space and time to face your fears in this beautiful flow.



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