Courage and Strength


What makes you feel strong and gives you courage?


Have you been lacking those qualities in your practice and your life? The series of core exercises we have been looking at this month are designed to bring about fire in the navel centre, an area of the body that is designed to burn away impurities, detox our system and develop a sound body and mind.

In the chakra system, the navel is associated with the colour yellow; what a strong colour! Think about the rays of the sun, bringing heat and warmth to the planet. When you wear yellow or eat yellow foods, there is said to be a healing element to that colour. It helps us to be less fearful of life, to take on new challenges and broaden our horizons.

Practice this series when you feel less strong in yourself and make a commitment to it every day – you could keep a diary to check in with your mood before and afterwards. Emotionally the focus on the navel is associated with willpower, a healthy ego and determination. When the area is lacking energy we may feel disempowered, feelings of manipulation and wanting to control others can take over.

Choose strong empowered people in your life to lead you in this quest, think about what you like about their strength of character, do they strive to succeed in a healthy way? Do they move forward with conviction?

Focus on these affirmations / sankalpas:

“ I am strong and fearless”

“ I make a decision and I stick to it “

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andreapicThis post was written by Andrea Kwiatkowski, an Advanced Jivamukti certified teacher. She also teaches Yin yoga and Restorative yoga. Andrea is known for her deep philosophical message in her class, interweaving the teachings from the scriptures and making them practical for everyday living. She lives and teaches in Cambridge and runs retreats and workshops in the UK and abroad.


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