Moving Through the Autumn


In the UK, the nights are drawing in, days getting pretty short – and it can be, frankly, really tough to haul ourselves out of bed that 20 minutes early to get to our morning class.


For those of you in warmer climes, we are very jealous of you at this time of year as our toes slightly creak and struggle on our mats.

Thankfully, our lovely Lucy has come up with a class of just under 10 minutes. Now, even if you can’t wake yourselves up from a semi-hibernation in time for a full class, surely, a 10 minute session is do-able? This will get your joints and limbs limbered, plus your all-important breath-practice will be fired up in this short time.

We also really recommend making the most of comfy nights in. Give yourself the gift of some love as the nights draw in, put on your PJ’s, get cozy, and start to get acquainted with Yin or Restorative classes. We are doing some more filming of cozy, bedtime practices, as we think that this is at least half the fun of doing your movement work at home.

So get moving in the morning, feel energised with Lucy and get cozy for the night-time. And just when you think that Autumn is not a time for new beginnings, challenge yourself and that thought, and maybe give Acro Yoga a go. It really is quite fun to learn with a patient partner, and will challenge you in every direction.

With love
Kat and Team MFML x
13 November 2015


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