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What would you like to ask your favourite yoga teacher? Kat caught up with Andrea Kwiatkowski in our studio to find out what she loves about about Jivamukti and Yin Yoga. Watch the interview here:

In this video, Kat, Founder of MFML meets Andrea Kwaitwoski, Advanced Jivamukti certified teacher whose passion is not only Jivamukti but also Yin yoga and Restorative yoga.

Andrea is known for her deep philosophical message in her class, interweaving the teachings from the scriptures and making them practical for everyday living.

Andrea tells Kat about  Jivamukti yoga and the perfect complement to Jivamukti, Yin yoga, the perfect practice for slowing down and a great start to mediation. Andrea notices that the folks who are drawn to Jivamukti classes are those who want an uplifting class, often those with a movement background.

As to Yin, the folks who’d benefit from Yin are the active people, the people who are always in their heads, with super-stressful lives, they often don’t want to Yin,  but they need it!

We all have such overwhelmingly busy lives – how on earth can we fit in yoga into our lives?   It’s a yoking into your life – get up and stretch. Do it every single day. Pick 15 minutes and just get on your mat and do it.

Andrea also has some more unusual tips to get you doing more yoga, watch the video – you might be surprised!

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