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Sometimes life just goes so easy, everything falls into place and feels like it’s just meant to be.

moving into balance

What’s Calling You?

That’s how it was when I first came up with the idea of MFML and started the process of starting the business. And if it hadn’t fallen into place, I know it would’ve felt too hard and who knows what you or I would be doing right now! But it was my dharma to start it, and it had to be easy for me to get the ball rolling.

Not All Plain Sailing

Of course, in the months and years that have followed, I’ve been through some tough times personally and with my own little business, as we’ve grown, we’ve been through inevitable growing pains. Nothing more than is right for personal growth, of course, and lessons have been learnt – as they are in life.

Finding The Balance

But when life is out of sync, when everything feels tricky, as it does, to be honest, for me right now, it’s so hard to get back into the groove. One thing that I know will help me get the balance back in life, and get my mojo back, is learning from nature that I need to find the balance in my life.

Five Elements

(1) Earth

How to regain that balance? Well I’m taking a leaf from the five elements found in nature. I know that I need more grounding – I need the earth element. I need to root down. I need standing poses for that and a focus on the base chakras. I need to move into my new home (I’ve been renovating my home for ages and definitely need a base!!)

(2) Water

And then I need more water, I need to find more flexibility, more motion, to be happier with the ebbs and flows of life  and harness the beautiful ability to flow. I feel stagnant right now, and the flow is calling me. I shall do some vinyasa practices and visualise the fluidity in my joints to call in water.

(3) Ether

I also need space, physical and mental. I’m currently feeling constricted, and with space, I’ll feel freedom and more creative. Space is the beautiful formless void, that which is timeless, and from which we can feel whole again. Yes, space is certainly what I crave.

(4) Air

Personally, I feel I’ve had a lot of air element – there’s been a lot of movement and motion in my life. It’s the air that, for me is out of balance.

(5) Fire

But I need to bring more fire in! I need to fan the flames of transformation, of action, to get my inner strength and fire glowing.

I recount this as a little story so you can see how I’m using the five elements to work on my own life, as it is right now on this day.

Brand New Series

Lucy has just filmed a beautiful new series, which is what so many of you were asking for – which goes through the five elements, so you know which elements you might need to harness in your life and at which time.

Just because right now I have air but need balance in the other elements does not mean that this will be the way even tomorrow. So it’s a useful frame in which to understand our wants and needs in this life and to increase our understanding of ourselves in the world. Which element are you needing to harness more of?

I do hope you check out Lucy’s series and do let me know how you get along in the Movers Group!

With love

Kat and team MFML



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