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Each of us is on our very own journey in life. Whether right now you’re experiencing one of life’s blessed highs or lows – we all have been through periods of challenge.


A Catalyst For Change

Of course, my experience of going through heartbreak, broken body and the really tricky times in life is what tipped me to the edge and got me to quit my stable, well paid job and leave the life I’d known and loved to venture into the unknown to start my own business.

So the toughest of times can be the very best catalyst for change, and we can all glean wonder through going through times of turmoil.


But one of my biggest missions in life is helping others to see the opportunities held within life’s crises, and give folks the tools to deal with life’s downs in a healthy and constructive way, as well as ways to appreciate every single second of the ups.

Brand New Course


Our newest course is one that’s very dear to my heart, it’s a course to help you to find courage in your life. It’s especially designed in Cancer Awareness Month for those recovering from illness or surviving cancer. It is a series of accessible classes with a focus on restoring equilibrium, encouraging lymphatic flow and inviting a sense of peace.  The classes are gentle but will help you to build your strength and are by no means limited to those with cancer but will benefit anyone recovering from illness.

Healing and Self-Care

If you know of anyone who you think would appreciate these practices, who you think would like to know that you’re thinking of them, and you feel that they would benefit from taking heart and having courage from the healing and self-care practices of yoga, this is the course for them! This is the perfect course for those in recovery who are ready to take a deep breath and do some gentle, healing movement.

>>Check out our Take Heart Course>>

With love
Kat and team MFML

ps. As a token of our support for those of us affected by cancer, this month we’re donating 5% of each and every subscription we sell to charity CoppaFeel! who are working to spread awareness of the preventative measures we can all take to detect cancer early. Founded in the UK by Kris Hallenga who was affected by this issue and took action. I love to support smaller organisations– charities or businesses, because there you really do know that every single penny is spent wisely.


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