Moving with Vulnerability


I know that for most of my life, I’ve been ‘comfortably numb’ to myself and my heart.


And I really think that most people are. We are taught from an early age to put up protective barriers to ourselves and the world to try to protect ourselves from the potential pain of real emotional connection.

But this week, Naomi  encourages us to move with a big and fearless heart. People often think that those of us who have the sassy lines and who are unemotional are the strongest. This often includes the guys, who are taught that emotion is weakness, as to an extent, we all are. But this week, I’d love for you all to start to move with an open heart. ‘

The world is an intensely worrying place right now, and we’ve all been rocked to our foundation with the atrocities this week. In the face of this and the fear that many of us feel, we need to be more open, more fearless and vulnerable than we ever have been. And know that when you move through life with a receptivity to connection to others, that is the most fearless and strongest thing you can ever do.

So if you are a vinyasa fan, you will love Naomi’s class. If this isn’t your kind of practice, know that we have classes for confidence  which will open your big heart, and find a fearlessness in all your connections with others. Because the only thing really to fear in our short lives is if we miss out on all the beauty of relationship and connection with life due to our own fear.

Be brave, my open-hearted warrior friends.

With love
Kat and Team MFML x
20 November 2015







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