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Find inspiration, strength and conviction in your yoga practice with Liz Lark’s butterfly themed metamorphosis series.

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Liz Lark’s Feisty Butterfly Vinyasa Class

Liz Lark has created and shared her Metamorphosis Yoga Series on Movement For Modern Life, giving us all the opportunity to work on our transformation.  

Having a metaphor, image or creative idea helps strengthen the mind and conviction in practice. We all learn differently, so find what inspires you, and follow it with all your passion!  – Liz Lark

Who is the metamorphosis series for?

The Feisty Butterfly is a creative, flowing vinyasa, with fluid strength balancing yin and yang.

Risk takers will love it, yet it has a playful gentleness running through……try it and let us know what you feel!

This vinyasa is full of challenge for regular practitioners who enjoy a creative, explorative practice, with dancelike, gliding, smooth transitions and developing to peak bound poses. We always approach with a beginners’ mind, limbering the joints for a safe practice on the basis of safe preparations. The sequencing progresses in intensity to form a fluid strengthing, and liberating sequence!   Peak poses include bound star, splits, deep camel and standing drop backs!

The Dawn Vinyasa is another strong practice from the series. Or for a softer approach, you may like to try the Gentle Metamorphosis class.

What inspired Liz to create the Metamorphosis Series?

I am painting butterflies, using all the colors of the rainbow, to inspire with colour, shape and the beauty of nature.   These are used as mandalas and meditation tools, to inspire and melt the mind, un-gluing us from limited human realm, casting out a net into the nature and animal kingdoms…..

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What can you expect from the classes?

Freedom, safe strengthening and empowerment, with deep grounding a yielding energy – I hope!   Let us know!   The butterfly is a symbol of transformation, or soul…..

What if it’s too easy / too hard?

Well, please take from the it what you can, and if it is too easy, enjoy the approach, and add your own intensity when it is relevant, to further develop the sequencing.  If it is too hard, please back off, rest and gather inwards, give yourself deep rest in child and cat pose, to make sure that we are not injured in yoga.

What else can be done to support your practice?

Liz recommends…..

(1) Enjoy a health giving smoothie every morning

with your favorite fresh seasonal fruits, whizzed up with natural yoghurt / keffir, with sprinkle of acidophilus, and a gut support supplement such as Bimnuno (available at high street chemists).

Gut brain supports mental health!  Read the book , GUT’, by Giulia Enders –  amusing and invigorating too.

(2) Try to walk in green nature every day.

I go with my dog, Willow – she is a serotonin factory of beauty and joy.

Live with animals and nature wherever possible – I also love to wild swim, so go to the sea when I can……

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(3) Join me on a retreat to celebrate the Butterfly sequences!
  • Puglia retreat with Destination Yoga, 14 – 21 July 2018
  • Cuba Havana Yoga & Salsa with Free Spirit Travel, 24 November 2018
  • Intensive next September, 4-8 Sept 2019 – develops the theme of metamorphosis , ongoing, using the theme of color butterflies, representing transformation and emerging from dark space to light space (dukham to sukhama).
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