Announcing our Helping Hand membership


So many of us are going through some really tough times right now and are in need of a Helping Hand.

I know that yoga has been the absolute cornerstone of helping me to keep sane and healthy in times when it seemed like everything was going wrong.

My mindful movement, breathwork and yoga practise really helps me to keep strong. Physically and mentally. Yoga is amazing at helping the immune system to keep strong, and at building resilience, focus and compassion. But the most important thing that yoga reminds us to do is to keep present. There are so many anxieties right now, some of which may be founded, some may not. But it’s really worth keeping mentally positive, strong and present – for ourselves as well as the community.

So, we are proud to announce our Helping Hand Membership

If anyone you know is over 70 years old, vulnerable or is going through a time of hardship, and you think that they would enjoy improving their strength, flexibility and resilience as part of our community, please share this page. We are offering 70% off new memberships to those who need it most during this time. This is an introductory offer only and full T&C’s upon request. We are a small, family-run company and can only give from a full cup, so please please do support us as much as you can.

We have set up our Helping Hand scheme at the suggestion of our amazing community of Movers. Now is the time for our community to come together stronger than ever.

So, if you already have a membership, please share this page to anyone who is housebound or needs financial help and would appreciate our free class and access to our world class teachers.

How to redeem the membership

It is important to us that we help as many people as possible that truly need it. So, in order to set up a Helping Hand membership (for yourself, a loved one or a neighbour) simply send an email with the details of the recipient to: and we will get back to you with the information you need.

Your free class:

We also have plenty of gentle yoga classes, ideal for seniors or those with less mobility, to keep happy, strong and fit during tough times. You can find them all below.

With love,

Kat and the team at Movement for Modern Life xx


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