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I’m so chuffed to announce this feature. Just watch the video to find out how to transform your practice, to bespoke your classes to exactly what you need at exactly the right time.

Think playlist, but to move to.

Introducing MoveLists!! Think playlist, but to move to. We had so much feedback from our Movers that folks’ favourites folders were filling up and getting out of control!

With too many favourites, it’s been impossible for folks to organise their Yin from their Yang faves. We hope that this will be the solution!

Start creating your own!

I’ve been busy organising my own favourites, into different MoveLists –  I’ve got a morning MoveList, a MoveList for gentle movement, for Moontime, for Energising and SoulFood! So you see I’m getting stuck in! Why don’t you give it a go!

This short video has everything you need to know to create your MoveLists:

Here’s a look at some of the MoveLists we have been playing with at team MFML, do they include any of your favourites – we’d love to hear your choices too.

With love, Kat and team MFML x

Team Choices

Name: Rakhee

MoveList: Good Morning


30 Minute morning with Lucy McCarthy

Morning Practice: Awaken with the Elements with Mimi.

Creative Morning Flow with Naomi

Morning Reset Flow with Adam

Why: Some mornings, I need to get going, but I still want to feel connected and awake! My MoveList is made up of classes that can be completed in 30 minutes or under but that enable me to tap into something that matters for me, whether that’s nature and the elements, creativity and playfulness, the magic of movement and yoga or simply my breath. I love these classes for always making me feel like I have all the time and space in the world even on the busiest mornings.

Name: Emma

MoveList: Selfcare Sunday


Yoga Nidra with Dan

Almost An Hour Of Power with Dylan

Spacious and Fluid Spine with Naomi

Strong Centred Flow with Jean

Why: My weekends I have a bit more time and so I generally want a longer active class. I love going to the same classes on a Sunday, and if it has been a manic weekend with not enough sleep, I’ll pick a Nidra for some R&R and to make the most of relaxing at the end of the weekend.

Name: Jodie

MoveList: Short For Time


Morning Magic Six with Andrea

Eight Minute Meditation with Alexander

Release Tight Neck and Shoulders with Catherine

Chair yoga with Kirsty

Why: Sometimes I want to move, but I just don’t leave enough time! This MoveList has my favourite short morning routine and then some much needed little breaks for throughout my day at the desk.


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