Just a Little Movement, Every Day


As we near the end of the holidays, be reminded that you really do need a little bit of ‘you’ time.


I hope you’re finding time for yourself this summer! If you’ve had kids at home, you might be feeling a bit exhausted by now. Perhaps you’ve been prioritising others. If you’ve been working at the office, you’ll know that this can be super-busy season, making up for everyone else who seems to be away. Whatever situation you’re in – at home, on your holidays, with your kids or in the office – please make time for your practice.

Know that every time you practice mindful breath-initiated movement, you aren’t just treating yourself. You’re treating your kids. You’re treating your family. You’re treating everyone who you come across today because your actions are more likely to come from a conscious, less ego-driven space.You will be a little more vulnerable, open, and giving, in addition to being more inclined to choose a path of self-discovery. In other words, you can give your whole, real self to the world!

This week in our Brand New Videos we have one for everyone! A beginning to flow sequence, a fast-paced vinyasa which gets you up and ready to Handstand – created for our Handstand Challenge and a tutorial to help you on your shoulder placement in key asana.

With love,
Kat and team MFML x
28 August 2015

Brand New Videos:

ready  begintoflow2  shoulders


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