14 Sept 2017 | Lucy McCarthy | Greece


Lucy McCarthy offers you the perfect chance to dive deep into your practice. A time for reflection, expansion and healing.

Explore the rich wisdom of yoga in all its aspects. Each day we will explore pranayama (breath exercises), asana (physical poses), meditation and many other aspects of ritual and ceremony that help us uplift, release and come home to our innate wholeness.

So much can happen on a retreat. It’s the greatest act of self love to take this time for you. To dive into the yogic practices, to soak up some sun, bask in the raw beauty of the Greek island of Kythnos whilst surrounded by like minded people.

Come, play, explore and grow! Lucy will hold space for deep transformation to happen and draws on her expansive experience across many spiritual traditions to offer a life changing retreat. Expect to come home inspired, reenergised and with a deep sense of peace in your wide open heart!


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