Lucy McCarthy

Lucy McCarthy

Lucy accidentally came across yoga way back when she was an actress on tour around India, doing a Shakespeare play. She thought, I'm in India I should probably try this yoga thing. From the first morning on a rooftop with a little yogi called Prakash who spoke little English, she was hooked. To her surprise she kept going back morning after morning. What she loved most was the clarity and calm in her mind after class and how light and bright her body felt. Since that day she has continued to follow her nose finding her teachers along the path and immersing herself deeply in all things yoga. She hopes to impart some of the ease of mind, body and breath that yoga gives her everyday to her students. Lucy teaches mindful, alignement based Vinyasa flow, restorative and pregnancy yoga and is deeply affected by her Vipassana meditation practice.

When you have tried a few online classes, why not check out Lucy's retreats with Destination Yoga?

Upcoming retreats include

27 July-3 August 2018: Sardinia Destination Yoga Retreat.

11-18 October 2018: Northern Spain Destination Yoga Retreat.

6-14 September 2018: Alchemy of the Heart Yoga & Philosophy Immersion Retreat, South of France.

Lucy's challenges: