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Karma has got itself a bad name. It’s often a stick that people wave at each other for when someone’s done something perceived as ‘bad’. It’s said ‘Karma will come and get you!’, as if it were somebody’s out of control dog.

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But the Karma I’m more interested in, now that I’m three quarters of the way through our Transformation Challenge (woohooo!! I’m thrilled that it’s our biggest and most successful challenge yet!), is the Karma that is simply the law of cause and effect. What the Transformation Challenge has made very clear to me is that we are sailing our own ship, and we have to be 100% responsible for the direction of our ship.

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Break Our Of Your Karmic Cycle!

Do you sometimes get the feeling that you’re caught in groundhog day? Do you feel that you ‘always’ get the same type of behaviour, or the same type of partner? Well, my friend, that is Karma. And the repetitions occur because your actions are not changing, which means that you cause the same behaviour in others, or the same experiences for yourself.

The only way to break our Karmic cycles is to take a look inwards, see what we’re doing that is causing the repeated actions and behaviour.

Our actions, thoughts, and deeds impact ourselves and everyone around us and everything in the natural world – and the law of Karma will have you look at the impact of your actions not only on yourself but the impact on the whole planet.

Make A Choice

When we see a situation we are unhappy with, even if we perceive that inaction is neutral, it’s not, it’s a choice. When world events and situations aren’t as you’d like, it is up to you to do what you can do.


The mission of charity, Ourmala, helping refugees to discover the tools of yoga to heal, has deeply resonated with me. I met, Founder Emily Brett, a wonder-woman of inspiration and getting stuff done where the world needs it most and she visited our studio to film our newest classes with Zephyr. Do check out their amazing work here.

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