Meditation: playfulness

Playfulness Naomi Absalom
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Welcome to this special edition of the Movement for Modern Life podcast. In these episode, we share live meditations from our wonderful team of teachers who were part of our first home yoga retreat. These meditations, dharma talks, and Q&A sessions re fantastic tools for supporting us through difficult times. Today, we talk with the incredible Naomi Absalom about playfulness.

Naomi is brilliant at turning traditional yoga on its head and encouraging us to move in a way that is fun and feels good. Playfulness may not come naturally to all of us, especially if we’re used to alignment based classes. But getting off our mat and stepping outside our comfort zones can bring so much joy to our practice. There is no one way to do yoga! Ask yourself: “What feels good for me today?”

We will start with a chat with Naomi, followed by a lovely meditation, so find a quiet place to practice with us. We hope you find this useful and please do share it with family and friends who may also benefit from some positive tools and philosophy at this time.

Do you want to explore Naomi’s classes? Check out all our classes for FREE for 14 days here:

Find all of Naomi’s classes here:

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