Meditation: supporting and recharging your energy

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Welcome to another special edition of the Movement for Modern Life podcast; this is an instalment in our MFML Meditations series of live meditations. These are from our wonderful team of teachers which were part of our first Home Yoga Retreat. The meditations, dharma talks and Q&A sessions are fantastic tools for supporting us through challenging times. Today, Joo Teoh, is sharing a meditation on the theme of energy.

What is energy, qi, or prana? How can we recharge and best take care of our energy? Joo is a wonderful teacher of both yoga and Qi Gong, so has a beautiful way of looking at the concept of energy through these different lenses. We will start with a little chat about this theme and Joo will follow with a guided meditation. 

We would like to invite you to find a quiet space to spend a few minutes practicing with us.

If find this useful, please do share it with family and friends who may also benefit from some positive tools and philosophy at this time. 

Do you want to explore Joo’s classes? Check out all our classes for FREE for 14 days here:

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