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Meet The Yogi – Kate Walker

Kate Walker Yoga


At Movement For Modern Life, we have the best teachers who can be your teachers! We thought you should get to know our incredible yogis a bit better so say hello to another yoga teacher interview, this one with Kate Walker who specialises every-level classes with a combination of mindful, powerful, breath and alignment-based vinyasa flow with restorative yoga and relaxation. She is one of the top teachers at London’s best-loved yoga studios as well as gracing us with her presence on MFML!

What is the funniest misconception of being a yogi?

Everyone always thinks that means I’m able to bend into pretzel shapes (I’m not, nor do I think that’s the point of yoga!).

Show us your best #YogaAnywhere…

This is a great way to warm up! This was taken in the beautiful Kiln Hanger in Surrey whilst I was filming for my two new dvd’s.

Kate Walker

What’s your favourite secret stretch?

I sneak side bends in all the time – even while talking to someone or boiling the kettle.   

Why should we take your cold and flu practice this week? 

I’ve had a wicked cold for the past week – been in bed for 5 days straight.  When I’m sick, my head doesn’t work too well and everything hurts physically – I tighten up and feel stuck.  I want to move, but even going up and down the stairs in my house tire me out.  With this in mind, I developed a simple sequence just to get things moving again and feel a bit better before going back to bed!  Time on my mat while I’m not feeling good, I believe, makes space to heal more thoroughly, and to tune into how I’m doing.  It’s a very different feeling to a regular practice when I’m feeling normal and great, but very important to do a little something.

Feel like you need a cold and flu pick-me-up? Us too! 

Kate Walker Yoga

Kate Walker (nee Harrell) was born in NYC and grew up there and in Los Angeles. Based in London since 1993, kate is one of the most popular teachers at London’s most prominent yoga studios. Her yoga journey started as a double degree in drama and eastern philosophy at Vassar College, NYC – yoga was the only overlap between her two degrees which was intriguing.
You can follow Kate on Twitter here and MFML here.


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